About One Voice for Choice

This website was once a way to promote abortion and the abortion agenda. However it went defunct a few years ago and I scooped it up and have now planted the pro-life flag where abortion once reigned! Here’s to hoping that this interweb real estate will now promote life!

Here’s some info on what used to be here:

Passing health care reform in this country shouldn’t come at the cost of women’s reproductive rights. But that’s exactly what will happen if Democrats allow the anti-choice Stupak amendment to become law.

We will be phone banking into the districts of Democratic lawmakers who voted for the Stupak amendment. This will be a unique and tightly targeted campaign, pressuring these lawmakers with the voices of those they SHOULD care most about – motivated pro-choice Democratic voters who will hold them accountable at the ballot box in 2010.

We are a group of pro-choice bloggers who want to see reproductive rights advanced no matter what. We must protect our right to an abortion.